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Despite our British weather, the garden is a place we can escape to for some peace and tranquility and enjoy with friends and family. It doesn’t take much to change your garden space into something that is unique and attractive, and I am able to offer you a solution for your needs as I cover all areas of garden landscaping. The landscaping options are endless when it comes to your garden, as many attractive areas and features can be created, providing focal points and practical areas to use while incorporating style and beauty into your landscape.

  • Fencing – Whether you need to certify your boundary, create screening, or a division in your garden, there are plenty of garden fences to choose from. Concrete products offering a long lasting solution, while timber products provide a more natural and softer finish. A simple trellis or decorative screening can provide privacy, as well as protection from the kids and their footballs.
  • Walling – This is ideal for retaining high ground, terracing your garden to offer you multiple areas or to provide a decorative finish to a desired garden area. The choice of various bricks, natural stone walling or timber products can cater for all tastes. Lighting can also be incorporated to add the finishing touch.
  • Turfing – Whether you want a high-grade cultivated turf or something hardwearing for the children to make use of there is plenty to choose from. Through re-profiling your lawn area you can alter the level of your lawn, by raising, lowering or merely leveling it off to offer a more practical garden area to enjoy.
  • Ponds and water features – Many people find the sound of water soothing and relaxing and pond and water features can be incorporated to make a stunning feature and add character to your garden. From cascading waterfalls to eye- catching fountains, or even vast Koi ponds, I have the experience to bring your garden to life. Ponds can be recessed into your garden ground or raised above it, which offers a safer option for those with animals and children. A small pond can be visually enhanced by creating a surrounding rockery.
  • Decking – The use of decking is an alternative to a paved area for those who prefer natural products. Decking can also provide a complementing base for a shed, summerhouse or hot tub. The inclusion of panels or ballustrading can support raised decking, making it very safe. Split-levels or the inclusion of a pergola can add to the character of your decking and result in an elaborate design.
This is a picture of only of the driveways we installed This is a picture of only of the driveways we installed This is a picture of only of the driveways we installed

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