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For many of us as time goes on, our lifestyles change and our family grows, making the need for more space essential. What was once an ideal property can easily feel cramped and insufficient leaving us with few choices either to move on or enhance what you have and develop your property. This can often provide you with the extra space you require and also increase your property’s value. I can offer a complete service as I work closely with other select tradesmen that I have come to rely on over the years. This results in all electrical, plumbing, heating, plastering and decorating being catered for. All work is carried out to the current regulations and communication with architect and local regulation officers is of extreme importance. Whether you require a building alteration or a complete building service from start to finish, anything is possible.

  • Extensions – If you have the space, an extension to your house can often provide an excellent solution, creating new opportunities for you to alter the size and layout of existing rooms, or to simply create more of them. From single to double story extensions, I have experience in every aspect.
  • Loft Conversions – These can provide an alternative to a house extension if you do not have the available land space, and will optimize the space you do have. Loft conversions provide additional bedrooms, offices or quiet areas away from the rest of the house. Dull areas can be bought to life with the use of roof windows and the addition of a dormer can create the height and clearance you need.
  • Interior alterations and conversions – Over the years I have used my knowledge and experience to provide customers with solutions they require. Opening up areas through the removal of walls is possible and can create new areas. Conversions of existing properties such as flats, with the inclusion of an extension and/or loft conversion, can result in providing additional flats to the same property, providing you with the ability to generate more income with what you have.
  • Porches and Garages – The addition of these to your property can provide you with additional space for storage, a safe place to store your vehicle or the opportunity to create a workshop.
This is a picture of only of the driveways we installed This is a picture of only of the driveways we installed This is a picture of only of the driveways we installed

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